Hello friends, welcome to all of you today, in which article I am going to tell you such a trick. With the help of which you can easily create a sticker on WhatsApp easily, in 2 minutes, so friends, from this trick, from this trick, you can easily make your friends a WhatsApp sticker of your own photo on WhatsApp. You can send That too within 2 minutes, inside 2 minutes inside, inside you guys, you have to keep watching this video till the last. If you type this type, you will not be able to make a WhatsApp sticker from here 


Friends, WhatsApp is a social media platform where billions of users use daily every day, friends, this platform is the most famous, here you can send your photo PDF easily, friends, today I am going to tell you one such way in this article. With the help of which you can easily make your WhatsApp sticker, that too of your photo, that minute by minute, minute by minute So keep singing this watch videos from the last. You can send your friends your photo by adding your photo to their stickers, you can also send them by writing your message, these stickers are very beautiful, so let’s start.

Friends, if you also search somewhere to make your own sticker on Whatsapp – how to make your own photo sticker for Whatsapp in Hindi then you have come to the right article, you just have to read this article last. If you skip a single step, then from here you will not be able to make your own sticker on Whatsapp, so let’s start.

How to download whatsapp sticker maker

First of all, you will need two applications to make WhatsApp Sticker WhatsApp Sticker, which you have to download by clicking on the button below. After that, the Play Store will be open before you will come, you have to click on the Install button, and these Applications, To be installed, your application will be downloaded shortly

Where to bring photos for whatsapp sticker

For friends whatsapp sticker, you can take photo for you from Google or on other images platform from lay to take if you want to make your photo sticker. So you have to select your photo, remember that the photo of your photo should not be more than the passport size, you can easily make any photo sticker here, just you need an HD photo for this. . If you want to make a sticker by downloading the photo from Google, then you can also download it from there for easy sticker.

How to use Photo Eraser app


Friends, first you have to select the photo of which you want to make a sticker.
To remove the background of that photo, you have to open the Photo Eraser app. After that you have to select the photo of which you want to make a sticker, after that you have to erase the background around the photo, that is to erase, you get the bruce within this application by clicking on this brush. After that, you have to erase the background of the photo with his help, in no time your photo’s background will be edited. Now you have to save it in the gallery, as soon as you press the button, you will save your photo, save the photo of your photo, save your photo, save your photo, save your photo, save your photo, save your photo You will save the photo; your photo will be saved.

How to convert photos to whatsapp stickers from whatsapp photo adder.

To convert a photo from friends master photo edit photo edit to whatsapp sticker, first of all, you have to convert the photo to PNG, ie the photo you have removed or removed its background, by going to this application As soon as you select it, your photo which is converted to your sticker is converted to photo which is in your sticker. By convert Nhwart he will come to your WhatsApp friends your photo will be easily add in your WhatsApp you can add inside WhatsApp thus photo.

How to send sticker on whatsapp

Friends, first of all, you have to open your WhatsApp there, there will be an option of emoji, you have to click on its side and your stickers will be seen in front of you, you have to send the sticker, you have to send it. You have to send it by clicking there, you can send it easily, friends, thus you can easily convert the photo from mobile to sticker.

Friends, if you have any questions related to this article, then you must tell us in the comment section, we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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