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Mad Miramar

The New update to PUBG MOBILE is available for Downloading.


  • Update News:

1. Miramar Update

  • Additional resources have been added to the map, including items and improved graphics.
  • Added a race track and Golden Mirado to show off your skills in the desert!

2. Sandstorm

  • Prepare well to survive in the extreme climate!
  • A sandstorm theme is waiting for you to unlock in the lobby!

3. Cheer Park

  • Try out this chill 20 player area where you can chat, roast chicken, dance, and challenge each other!
  • 4. Bluehole Mode
  • Are you in or out to try this new cheer park mode?

The Upcoming Month Will Get New PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0 with fantastic features like Miramar Map, Errang 2.0 With New Location.

THE latest PUBG Mobile’s 0.18.0 update will be available on May 7, PUBG  revealed in a video teaser today. The update will add a lot of features, such as Miramar 2.0, side scope, new modes, and more to the game. Season 13 will also likely accompany the 0.18.0 update.

The beta for Game for Peace was released earlier this month and revealed what fans can expect in version 0.18.0. The main highlight was Map and Guns. The classic desert map saw the addition of some new locations along with several visual changes.

PUBG MOBILE 0.18.0: What’s new


We’ve seen the PC version of PUBG has already got SCOPED WINCHESTER 94 features. The Winchester or the Win94 will be getting a built-in scope with the upcoming update. This will be a 2.7x scope making the gun a bit more versatile allowing players to use it as a mid-range sniper.


If this new weapon is added to the game, it is definitely going to be everyone’s favorite SMG (sub-machine gun). The P90 can take up to 50 bullets in a single clip and seems to offer a higher bullet rate to kill enemies faster. It takes 9mm ammo but seems to have a limited range. As for attachments, this gun will support muzzles, sights, and foregrips.

Mad Miramar

The desert map of Miramar is going to get some new additions and changes. First up there are various areas on the map that will have abandoned parts of a race track. You can take your vehicles for a spin through the remains which include some ramps and pathways. There are also some new areas on the map including a new water town that could be called Oasis. Then there is a new city and a Ruins area on the map for you to explore as well.

The Mirado is one of the best vehicles on the map, and if you are lucky, you could drive a golden version with the new update. The map is also getting new vending machines that would dispense consumables including energy drinks and painkillers.


A new mode is expected to arrive on the jungle map of Sanhok. Now the details about this model are very limited but from what we can see, players will be able to float around using hot-air balloons. One would have to maintain the heat in the balloon and players will be able to jump out using a parachute.

NamePUBG Mobile
Language :English
Last Update Date:05/07/2020
File Type:APK

Official 0.18.0 APK

0.18.0 OBB Data

PUBG Mobile GFX Tool  For Graphic


  HD Graphics Tool

  Graphic Optimizer for PUBG

  GFX Tool Pro Game Booster


How To Install PUBG Mobile in Android Devices:

1. Download APK and OBB Data

2. unzip OBB Data Using Es file Explorer

3. Now Install PUBG APK, Run and Close PUBG

4. Copy Obb Folder com.tencent.ig

5. Goto Android>OBB> Paste Here



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